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Ljudböcker / Romaner

Omslagsbild för 1947


När börjar vår tid? Vårt nu?1947 är allt i rörelse. Allt kan fortfarande bli annorlunda.- Den 10 februari tecknas fredsfördraget i Paris. Det andra världskriget är härmed slut. Sam ...

Omslagsbild för 1968


1968 är ett av 1900-talets mest mytomspunna årtal. Protesterna mot Vietnamkriget i både USA och Västeuropa skapade en vänstervåg som präglade både politiken och kulturen. Unge Eric ...

Omslagsbild för 1984


"1984" (orig: Nineteen Eighty-Four) utgiven 1949, handlar om ett samhälle som styrs av en diktatur. Landet Oceanien är ständigt i krig, utsatt för hotet från yttre fiender, vilket ...

Omslagsbild för 438 dagar / Lättläst

438 dagar / Lättläst

Lyssna på succén 438 dagar, återberättad på lättläst svenska.438 dagar satt journalisten Martin Schibbye och fotografen Johan Persson i fängelse i Etiopien. Etiopien är lugnt och f ...

Omslagsbild för A Chain of Evidence

A Chain of Evidence

A Chain of Evidence is a detective story by American author Carolyn Wells. This is the third mystery story involving the Sherlock Holmes like detective Fleming Stone who is brought ...

Omslagsbild för A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a novella by English author Charles Dickens, first published by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. The story tells of sour and stingy Ebenezer Scrooge's ideol ...

Omslagsbild för A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol is a novella by Charles Dickens. It was first published in 1843. The novella met with instant success and critical acclaim. Carol tells the story of a bitter old ...

Omslagsbild för A clockwork orange

A clockwork orange

Det gör ont att ha en kropp, i alla fall om du råkar röra dig på fel gata, på fel sätt, i Anthony Burgess stålhättehårda A Clockwork Orange, romanen som en gång myntade termen ultr ...

Omslagsbild för A Columbus of Space

A Columbus of Space

A Columbus of Space is a science fiction novel by Garrett P. Serviss first published in 1909. A classic science fiction adventure in the style of and dedicated to the readers of Ju ...

Omslagsbild för A Dangerous Disguise

A Dangerous Disguise

After her quiet life in the Highlands of Scotland, the Laird's daughter Ola Mcnewton is looking forward to going to London to take part in Queen Victoria's Jubilee. At first it se ...

Omslagsbild för A Daughter of the Snows

A Daughter of the Snows

A Daughter of the Snows is Jack London's first novel, published in 1902. Set in the Yukon, it tells the story of Frona Welse, a strong and interesting heroine, "a Stanford graduate ...

Omslagsbild för A Distinguished Provincial At Paris

A Distinguished Provincial At Paris

A Distinguished Provincial at Paris (1839) is the second book in Balzac’s Lost Illusions trilogy, which is part of his sweeping set of novels collectively titled La Comédie Humaine ...

Omslagsbild för A Dream Come true

A Dream Come true

‘How could you, Mama? Papa has not even been dead a year!’ When the beautiful Lucia Mountford’s mother remarries less than a year after her father’s death on the Titanic, she is sh ...

Omslagsbild för A Heart in Heaven

A Heart in Heaven

Returning from finishing school in France, Louisa Hatton was full of enthusiasm for the life ahead. She was convinced it would be exciting and romantic. But her parents had alread ...

Omslagsbild för A house of pomegranates

A house of pomegranates

A House of Pomegranates (1891) is a collection of fairy tales, written by Oscar Wilde, that was published as a second collection for The Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888). Wilde ...

Omslagsbild för A Journal of the Plague Year

A Journal of the Plague Year

A Journal of the Plague Year is a novel by Daniel Defoe, first published in March 1722. The novel is a fictionalized account of one man's experiences of the year 1665, in which the ...

Omslagsbild för A Kiss from the Heart

A Kiss from the Heart

"I do not wish to be the Earl! I would much rather go back to London." On his return from India, Lord Robert Templeton is distraught to find his family home, Ledbury Hall, plunged ...

Omslagsbild för A Kiss in the Desert

A Kiss in the Desert

"The Earl of Bracken is meeting his good friend Captain Charles Kenwood at his Club in St. James’s Street. He has just returned from a visit to Syria where he had been introduced t ...

Omslagsbild för A Little Princess

A Little Princess

A Little Princess is a childrens novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett.The novel tells of the troubles of a wealthy young girl, Sara Crewe, who is sent to an oppressive London boarding ...

Omslagsbild för A Man Obsessed

A Man Obsessed

A Man Obsessed is a science fiction novel by American author Alan E. Nourse first published in 1955. HE HUNTED HORROR THROUGH A MANIAC WORLD! Jeffrey Meyer had a killing on his min ...

Omslagsbild för A Pair of Blue Eyes

A Pair of Blue Eyes

A Pair of Blue Eyes is a novel by English author Thomas Hardy, published in 1873, first serialised between September 1872 and July 1873. It was Hardy's third novel, but the first t ...

Omslagsbild för A Paradise on Earth

A Paradise on Earth

Lord Milton should have been a happy man, with an ancient title and a magificent estate. But he was deep in debt and haunted by memories of the Crimea, where he had once been a sol ...

Omslagsbild för A Perfect Way to Heaven

A Perfect Way to Heaven

Elvina Carrisford, has known little love and affection in her life. She is invited to be a companion to her cousin Delphine, who is to be engaged to the nephew of a French Prince. ...

Omslagsbild för A Plague of Pythons

A Plague of Pythons

A Plague of Pythons is a science fiction novel by Frederik Pohl. It was originally published in 1962 in Galaxy magazine and in book form in 1965, it was republished in 1984 under t ...

Omslagsbild för A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is James Joyce's first novel, first published in bookform in 1916. The novel is a semi-autobiographical story of a young Irish boy who strug ...