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Audiobooks / History

Cover for Kazan


Kazan (sometimes published with the subtitle The Wolf Dog) is a once very popular novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood. Kazan is probably the most widely read of his novel ...

Cover for The Valley of Silent Men

The Valley of Silent Men

The Valley of Silent Men: A Story of the Three River Country is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.James Kent has learned that he is terminally ill with per ...

Cover for Nomads of the North

Nomads of the North

Nomads of the North is a novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.An unlikely pair were Neewa, the black bear cub who had been orphaned at a young age, and Miki, part Mackenzi ...

Cover for The Country Beyond

The Country Beyond

The Country Beyond: A Romance In the Wilderness, is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.The Country Beyond, is a story of "Jolly" Roger McKay, an outcast on ...

Cover for Isobel


Isobel is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood. Action, intrigue, and a touch of romance in the farthest reaches of northern Canada. Sergeant Billy MacVeigh o ...

Cover for The Honor of the Big Snows

The Honor of the Big Snows

The Honor of the Big Snows is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.What unseen force may have brought young Jan Thoreau and his music from out of the barren l ...

Cover for The Golden Snare

The Golden Snare

The Golden Snare is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.With but two years of service in the RNMP Philip Raine finds himself somewhat unwillingly on the trai ...

Cover for Flower of the North

Flower of the North

Flower of the North is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.Flower of the North finds Philip Whittemore on an adventure which takes him up the Churchill River ...

Cover for The Flaming Forest

The Flaming Forest

The Flaming Forest is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.A tale of mystery, romance, and honor, as David Carrigan must choose between his duty as an officer ...

Cover for The Danger Trail

The Danger Trail

The Danger Trail is an adventure novel by American writer James Oliver Curwood.Chicago engineer Jack Howland is sent to the edge of the Canadian barren lands north of Prince Albert ...

Cover for Ben-Hur


Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ is a best-selling historic action and adventure novel by American author Lew Wallace.Ben-Hur is a story of two very different heroes. Judah Ben-Hur, a ...

Cover for Tutankhamun - The Discovery of His Tomb

Tutankhamun - The Discovery of His Tomb

Tutankhamun - The Discovery of His Tomb by Sir Grafton Elliot Smith tells the exiting story of the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt, 1922. Never before in the history ...

Cover for The Vikings

The Vikings

The Vikings is a concise history of the Vikings by Allen Mawer.  The volume presents a historical account of Scandinavian civilisation during the Viking period, taking the term 'Vi ...

Cover for The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeer is a historic adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas. D’Artagnan, son of a poor Gascon aristocrat, travels to Paris to seek his fortune. His family connections enab ...

Cover for The Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moon

The Valley of the Moonis a novel by American writer Jack London (as well as the mythic and romantic name for the wine-growing Sonoma Valley of California).  The Valley of theMoon i ...

Cover for Frederick Douglass - A Biography

Frederick Douglass - A Biography

Frederick Douglass - A Biography by Charles Waddell Chesnutt. Born into slavery, Frederick Douglass became one of America's great icons. He escaped slavery to become one of our gre ...

Cover for Worlds Within Worlds - The Story of Nuclear Energy

Worlds Within Worlds - The Story of Nuclear Energy

Worlds Within Worlds - The Story of Nuclear Energy by Isaac Asimov explains nuclear physics in a way that can be understood and enjoyed by anyone with an interest in science.Worlds ...

Cover for Trailin'!


Trailin'! Trailin’! tells the story of Anthony Bard, a young aristocrat from the east with a hunger for adventure, who sees his father murdered in the yard of their home. This star ...

Cover for Ronicky Doone

Ronicky Doone

Ronicky Doone Ronicky Doone is a hero of the west, respected by the law-abiding citizen from Tombstone to Sonora -and hated by bushwhacking bandits.Bill Gregg is a man in love, not ...

Cover for Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner

Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner

Sheriff Larrabee's Prisoner The stranger rode up in the pouring rain to the lonely ranch house. Before dawn he was riding quickly away.Old Mr. Benton had been murdered on his lonel ...

Cover for The Cross Brand

The Cross Brand

The Cross Brand Sheriff Harry Ganton and Jack Bristol have been friends since they were young. But then Jack Bristol shot the sheriff and stole his horse. He rode off, not into the ...

Cover for Way of the Lawless

Way of the Lawless

Way of the Lawless (aka Free Range) Andrew Lanning has been raised by his Uncle Jasper to know how to shoot just like the gunmen of the days when the West was a little younger and ...

Cover for Riders of the Silences

Riders of the Silences

Riders of the Silences Wilderness life. Chaste romance. Love triangles. A masquerade ball. Revenge. Shooting. Horses. Gambling. Thievery. No one delves into psychological side of h ...

Cover for The Rangeland Avenger

The Rangeland Avenger

The Rangeland Avenger If you enjoy a fast-moving western dealing with vengeance and well-deserved payback, you'll like The Rangeland Avenger by Max Brand. A soft spoken but ruthles ...

Cover for The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden Ben Connor is a gambler who knows horses. He goes out west to get away from the gambling life he has been leading in New York. There he discovers a breed of grey ...