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The library informs: Nu hittar du skolornas e-böcker här: http://skolbibliotek.malmo.se. Denna sida upphör den 28/2 2019.

E-books / Children's books

Cover for Konrad and the Christmas Painting

Konrad and the Christmas Painting

Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. Ms. Gundersen is in love, Philip is polite and helpful, and the world seems to be on a tilt-a-whirl when Konrad tries to readjust to reali ...

Cover for Outside


10-year-old Lee lives with her family and about a hundred thousand others in a dome that keeps them safe from all the dangers of the Outside. Usually, every day in the dome is pret ...

Cover for Konrad and the Birthday Painting

Konrad and the Birthday Painting

Everything happened so fast. One minute Konrad was a perfectly normal 8-year-old, just trying to get through a perfectly normal school day. The next minute he was catapulted throug ...

Cover for Konrad och födelsedagstavlan

Konrad och födelsedagstavlan

Allt hände så fort. Ena minuten var Konrad en helt vanlig 8-åring som försökte ta sig genom en helt vanlig skoldag. Nästa minut kastades han genom tid och rum, för att inte tala om ...